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Description of the book “Stepmother in Crystal Galoshes”

Stepanida Kozlova is again at the center of events. In life, she has more and more surprises. No, she didn’t find a new job. She also works as a make-up artist at Bak. It is her craft that brings her food, and she loves to do it. Now she is working in one project, making up the Monakhov family, who are filming a biographical television movie. There is something unusual in this married couple, but what exactly is Antonina and Kirill with intriguing the viewer? A tragedy happened to Kirill not so long ago, he was seriously injured. He was treated by an Altai shaman. It was he who called Kirill now to help all people and ordered to build the House of Soul. All family members are now trying to help Kirill and support him in these endeavors. Cyril himself is trying to deny himself everything. But the children are of a completely different kind. They are unhappy that they had to move from a luxurious mansion to an apartment. They do not like this idea at all, but they have nowhere to go.

Work on the film is in full swing …. And suddenly something unexpected happens. In the house of the Monakhovs, namely in the basement closet, there are decorations. Yes, exactly the same jewelry that the killer maniac removed from his victims. What will happen now? Did the Monks have anything to do with these murders?

Description of the book “Giraffe – Penguin Thunderstorm”

“If you dream of having a mountain of gifts, a million congratulations on your birthday, you will have to take care of it yourself, otherwise no one will even remember about it.” This is how her friend Anya explained to Evlampia Romanova when she asked for help with organizing a gift for Murlysi’s mother-in-law. The surprise turned out to be just a sight for sore eyes: a gorgeous puzzle made of chocolate, made in the form of a luxurious castle. Admiring the beauty of the delicious present, the women hurried to put together the puzzle and enjoy tea. Evlampia and Murlyse felt sorry for the delicious food, but Anechka ate her fill and … thundered into the hospital.

Lamp and Max sought advice from Professor Moses Zilberkranz, a renowned expert in the field of toxic substances. He concluded that Anya was poisoned by the poison of the Cone snail, which was added to the chocolate palace. However, his colleague Yuri Derevyankin said that Zilberkrantz was mistaken. And, in fact, such a poison is obtained from a scoffing lizard. The situation is exacerbated when Moses Abramovich suddenly commits suicide. What happened? The ambitious professor couldn’t survive the shame? It looks like something strange is happening behind the walls of the chocolate palace, which entails a series of deaths. Wolfe’s team is determined to find out what exactly, and begins to investigate.

Description of the book “Castle of Evil Thoughts”

Evil thoughts can sometimes flash in your head, like migratory birds. But if you constantly feed them and flirt with them, then they can settle in your mind for many years, making a large nest. Such a mistake was made by a little pug, a resident of the town of Mopshaus. She thought badly about the local cat Filia, and did it more than once.

Evil thoughts are not stones – you will not immediately feel a heavy burden, this led to great misfortune – her friends Mafi and Zefirka, along with other comrades, became hostages in the Castle of evil thoughts. They need to overcome difficult obstacles: a dangerous dungeon and an impassable labyrinth. To get out of the trap, brave dogs have a lot to understand. Even if an evil thought burst into the head in the form of an evil kite, the guardian birds will always come to the rescue: kindness, patience, friendship and mutual assistance. And if you do not drive away these assistants from yourself, then the main guardian of happiness – the eagle of love – will settle in the soul.

Daria Dontsova – list of books

Daria Dontsova’s list of books in order is quite impressive. It is for this reason that she is considered a phenomenon among writers. Some authors in their entire creative life have not released as many works as Dasha, whose real name is Agrippina, writes in a month.

Dontsova repeatedly and quite deservedly became the laureate of the “Writer of the Year” award.

How many books did Daria Dontsova write and why are they so popular?

Many readers are interested in how many books Daria Dontsova has. There are more than 200 of them. This means that the writer publishes about 10 works a year. Amazing efficiency and author’s fertility.

Distinctive features of the novels invented by Dontsova are:

  1. Positive.
  2. Sparkling humor.
  3. Famously twisted plot.

It is impossible to tear yourself away from her stories. People read them at home, on the way to work, on buses, subways and trains. They share new editions with friends and relatives, and are impatiently waiting for new novels to go on sale.

All books by Daria Dontsova in order allow you to navigate in the sequence of their release. They are divided into a series, each of which is interesting in its own way.

The first book by Daria Dontsova “Cool heirs” was published in December 2007. The heroine Dasha Vasilyeva invented by her quickly won the hearts of readers. 63 books have already been written about her, the last one was published in March 2021 and is called “The Vacant Place of the Bird of Paradise”.

In the series “Evlampia Romanova. The dilettante leads the investigation ”so far 50 books have been published. The first was called “Manicure for the Dead”, the last – “Khrapunzel’s Prophetic Dreams”.

The series “Viola Tarakanova in the world of criminal passions” is no less popular. It begins with the work “The Devil Out of the Snuffbox”. In November 2020, the book “Cutie on a Bend” was published, a sequel is expected.

The series “The Gentleman of Detection Ivan Podushkin” begins with “Bouquet of Beautiful Ladies”. In January 2021, the publishing house presented the work “Ivan the Terrible in the Maldives”.

Daria Dontsova also has a series of books about the cute fatty Tatyana Sergeeva, a detective who is constantly on a diet and the darling of fortune Stepanida Kozlova.

Should you read ironic detective stories?

Ironic detective stories are worth reading, if only because they cheer up. It is fascinating to watch the adventures of heroes investigating crimes and at the same time finding themselves in funny situations.

Dontsova’s work is captured from the first minutes of reading. All detective stories are easy to read, each has intrigue. The target audience of the writer is women of different ages and social status. Men like her detectives too.

Dontsova’s heroes steadfastly withstand all life trials, are not afraid to take on the most dangerous investigations. The author often makes them funny, forcing him to re-read his books over and over again.

Light and interesting ironic detective stories written by the most positive author Daria Dontsova brighten up evenings. The writer never gets discouraged and does not allow her readers to do this.

Books by Daria Dontsova, a list in order will allow you to select the ones you need that have not been read.

Daria Dontsova: new books

Daria Dontsova regularly pleases readers with new products. Her loyal fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the next detective story. In 2021, the publishing house presented several new books at once.

New novels by Daria Dontsova

“The Vacant Place of a Bird of Paradise” is the last book by Daria Dontsova, created in the genre of a detective story, saturated with subtle humor and a portion of healthy optimism.

Another new book by Daria Dontsova, “Great Guardians”, has been added to the cycle “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Valley”. The writer produces not only detective stories, but also stories aimed at children.

The book “Khrapunzel’s Prophetic Dreams” is dedicated to a new investigation launched by Evlampia Romanova, which, as in a true British detective story, turned into a criminal offense. Eulampia will have to find out which of the many suspects committed the murder. This is the 50th book from the series “Evlampia Romana. The investigation is being conducted by an amateur. ”

“Ivan the Terrible in the Maldives” is a fascinating detective story in which detective Ivan Podushkin investigates a crime in the family of businessman Voikov. The detective will have to figure out the intricacies of relationships in the family of a businessman who hides many facts of his life. All this significantly complicates the task of Podushkin.

A little earlier, a work with the original title “Wet Deed of Water” was published. The main character Dasha Vasilyeva, having enlisted the support of her faithful friend Colonel Degtyarev, uncovers a strange case with a lot of oddities.

Many positive reviews were collected by the works:

  1. “Cutie on the bend.”
  2. “Cote d’Azur swamp”.
  3. “Giraffe – Penguin Thunderstorm”.

Daria Dontsova publishes new books almost every month. Many are read by her works and this is easily explained. She writes in simple language, each of her works has humor. Dontsova’s ironic detectives cheer everyone up.