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Description of the book “Cutie on the bend”

The family finds happiness and harmony when cockroaches in the head of a spouse and spouses begin to be friends. It was these words that Viola Tarakanova heard from her former classmate Irina. The friends have not met for many years, but now Irina needs help. Fork is unable to refuse her, while learning the terrible news – their common classmate Anastasia Tikhonova successfully married a wealthy businessman, bathed in her husband’s money and love, but died in a car accident under mysterious circumstances. But not so long ago, Ira met with one woman, in whom she recognized … that very Nastya Tikhonova. Now she is fully confident that the deceased is actually alive.

Tarakanova urgently needs to find evidence that the fatal car accident is just a theatrical performance. Viola is not eager to help Irina, but she is forced to sort out this matter together with Dmitriev. They did an extensive investigation, and the situation took a completely unexpected turn …

Description of the book “Blue Blood Leech”

What to do when a neighbor runs into your house, is hysterical and cries crocodile tears? And to top it all off, she falls asleep in the guest room … Dasha Vasilyeva at first thinks that her neighbor, Kirill Gabuzov, is ill, but his wife Vera refutes the guess. The panic was caused by a completely different reason: their child, a teenager Venya, disappeared. It turns out that the boy did not take vital medicines with him: he must take pills at a certain time in order not to die.

But when Dasha got together with her neighbors to look for their son, something incomprehensible began to happen … The daughter of Vera and Cyril Lesya in every possible way interferes with the investigation, and a coffin suddenly appeared in Daria’s house, moreover, a grandfather clock was attacked on Degtyarev, which is why he nearly lost his head. But is there anything that can stop a private detective? She will brilliantly unravel all the secrets of the eccentric neighbor’s family.

Description of the book “Cote d’Azur swamp”

It is amazing incidents that most often happen in a simple, uncomplicated way. Veronika Olegovna Kameneva appeared in the office of the special team and said that her husband, a well-known entrepreneur, had recently died. A heart attack was the cause of Nikolai’s death. It is unclear for what reason, who had been feeling well in the morning, a man in full bloom, died in bed. Subsequently, the youngest heir to Nikolai – Maxim, moved to his father’s wing. There he worked.

Quite often, Maxim stayed up late into the night and stayed to rest in the deceased’s apartment. He was also found there. Deceased. A familiar widow, fortune teller and psychic, declares that the death of Nicholas, as well as his offspring, was organized by supernatural forces, and directly by the energetic essence of Aypetri. However, Tatyana Sergeeva denies the existence of otherworldly, astral blows and witchcraft. She is firmly convinced: someone has committed the murder of the Kamenevs, it is only necessary to find out who did it. However, the truth will turn out to be so unimaginable that Tatiana, accustomed to unusual situations, will be amazed when she guesses where the azure coast of the swamp is.

Description of the book “Snake Gadget”

Dasha Vasilieva has an undeniable talent – she meets troubles in any place where she was lucky enough to visit. For example, a forgotten bunch of keys on a nearby table in a cafe becomes a dangerous find. Dasha found out that the girls in a hurry forgot the keys, who ran away without paying for lunch, and asked her son-in-law to post a note about the find with her phone number on social networks. Then strange things began in the woman’s life!

Suspicious offers began to come from strangers in exchange for finding her. One of the callers introduced himself as a relative of the girl and offered to meet at a local shopping center. The meeting ended not in the best way – the “relative” wanted to steal Dasha’s bag, but received fierce resistance in the form of loud cries for help and unwillingness to part with the new accessory. Most surprising of all, this robber, who escaped from the scene of the crime, becomes an important client of the detective agency owned by Alexander Mikhailovich. Now Dasha and Colonel Degtyarev will have to use all their skills to unravel the main secret of a difficult client.

Description of the book “Scarlet Predatory Flower”

Why would poor makeup artist Stepanida Kozlova be so tested? Well, think about it, she decided to get married, why should everyone say this to everyone in the cross-section? Granny Belka doesn’t think so, no. She decided to inform all her relatives about the wedding of her granddaughter with a certain designer Yegor.

Of course, Granny doesn’t know that this is just a production, and in fact Yegor and Styopa are busy investigating two murders, and they need the “wedding” as an excuse to get into the credibility of the main suspect, Elena Kozina, the owner of an art gallery. After all, only in the studio at this gallery could they draw strange pictures that came to two victims right before their death …