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Description of the book “Samovar with champagne”

An extremely difficult and troublesome event – to get married! And having found out that the future husband of Daria Vasilyeva, professor-anthropologist Manevin, the wedding agency workers propose to organize a festive event in a primitive style, while guests dress up as monkeys! And then Colonel Degtyarev distracts from preparing for the wedding and asks Dasha to fly to France. Except for her, no one knows French so well as to question an eyewitness about a very strange and confusing case.

Several years ago, Luiza Makovetskaya was kidnapped, they demanded a ransom from her father. But the transfer of the ransom fell through and everyone believed that the girl had died. But suddenly her unconscious body was discovered on a plane flying from Paris. With her, the passport of a completely different person was found, a certain Lyudmila Britvina, who is the wife of a native Parisian Paul Eviard … Arriving in the fashion capital, a private detective enthusiast finds Eviard’s house and then it turns out: his wife is a Frenchwoman who has not seen these Russians!

Description of the book “Princess with cockroaches”

Stepanida Kozlova works as a make-up model and lives an ordinary life until the marriage of her beloved granny brings her to the Barashkov family, who, however, surround the young girl with overly annoying care. It turns out to really make friends only with the tender and fragile Nadia. Stepanida even decides to help her new friend conquer the difficult world of high fashion.

Everything changes with an accidental call to Nadine’s phone, which, by coincidence, Styopa answers. It turns out that Nadia’s mother Alena did not die in a car accident, but is in prison. Stepanida manages to find out that Alena was framed, drugged and put behind the wheel of the car that hit the man. But the vulnerable Nadya cannot know about anything, which means that Styopa will have to figure everything out on her own. First you have to find out what Alena was doing on a cold night on the street in a light silk dress.