Description of the “Apollo in a Million”

A wedding is an exciting event for any woman, especially if it is not the first time for her. Dasha Vasilyeva applies to the wedding agency “Strela Amura” to discuss the menu at the ceremony. Seeing the customer’s fiancé, Colonel Degtyarev, the head of the company almost loses consciousness. The fact is that he led the investigation into the murder […]

Description of the “Year-long membership to the afterlife”

Some mysteries are better left unsolved. Colonel Degteryaev, who immediately after retiring opened his detective agency, clearly begins to understand this phrase. Having hired an assistant Dasha Vasilyeva, he takes up the first case together with her. Recently, Zinaida Lvovna Komarova has been terrorized by an unknown woman on the phone, posing as her long-missing granddaughter Varya. Of course, an […]

Description of the book “Horror on the wings of the night”

I, the writer Viola Tarakanova, just attract tangled stories. And now, in a cozy cottage, I managed to find a new plot for the novel. This house was provided to me by Ivan Zaretsky, the owner of the publishing house where my books are published and everything would be wonderful if it were not for the talkative and annoying housekeeper […]

Description of the book “Fatty Undercover”

Tatyana Sergeeva won the life lottery and for the first time got the opportunity to lose weight! For real! You only need to take Dr. Ornely’s mysterious remedy three times a day, which should be guaranteed to reduce weight. This is a prize for reaching the finals in the “Kill the excess weight” competition, which is periodically arranged by the […]

Description of the book “Date under the mantle”

What adventure did the main character Dasha Vasilieva get into this time? She needed knowledge of psychology to participate in a dubious experiment instead of her daughter’s friend Tasi. Dasha and student Ksyusha Koroleva must, according to the terms of the assignment, spend a whole week together in the girl’s small apartment, but not themselves, but with her entire dysfunctional […]