Description of the book “Samovar with champagne”

An extremely difficult and troublesome event – to get married! And having found out that the future husband of Daria Vasilyeva, professor-anthropologist Manevin, the wedding agency workers propose to organize a festive event in a primitive style, while guests dress up as monkeys! And then Colonel Degtyarev distracts from preparing for the wedding and asks Dasha to fly to France. […]

Description of the book “Princess with cockroaches”

Stepanida Kozlova works as a make-up model and lives an ordinary life until the marriage of her beloved granny brings her to the Barashkov family, who, however, surround the young girl with overly annoying care. It turns out to really make friends only with the tender and fragile Nadia. Stepanida even decides to help her new friend conquer the difficult […]

Description of the book “Stepmother in Crystal Galoshes”

Stepanida Kozlova is again at the center of events. In life, she has more and more surprises. No, she didn’t find a new job. She also works as a make-up artist at Bak. It is her craft that brings her food, and she loves to do it. Now she is working in one project, making up the Monakhov family, who […]

Description of the book “Giraffe – Penguin Thunderstorm”

“If you dream of having a mountain of gifts, a million congratulations on your birthday, you will have to take care of it yourself, otherwise no one will even remember about it.” This is how her friend Anya explained to Evlampia Romanova when she asked for help with organizing a gift for Murlysi’s mother-in-law. The surprise turned out to be […]

Description of the book “Castle of Evil Thoughts”

Evil thoughts can sometimes flash in your head, like migratory birds. But if you constantly feed them and flirt with them, then they can settle in your mind for many years, making a large nest. Such a mistake was made by a little pug, a resident of the town of Mopshaus. She thought badly about the local cat Filia, and […]