Dontsova Darya Arkadyevna is very famous in Russia primarily as an author of books in the genre of ironic detective fiction. Not many people know that Dontsova’s birth name is Agrippina. That’s what her parents called her at birth. She left her current name after her third marriage. She took her new surname Vasilyeva from her third husband, with whom she is still happily married.

The personality and creative path of writer of ironic detective fiction Darya Dontsova deserve attention because she has long topped the Rating of Russian Adult Literary Authors by the volume of books published annually.

Darya Dontsova’s Story of Becoming

Dontsova came from a family of Soviet intellectuals from Moscow. Her father worked as a writer and, at the same time, in a special state security agency of the USSR called United State Political Administration. Her mother, whose relatives were political figures, was a film director in Moscow. Dontsova’s grandfather was one of various henchmen of the “Iron Felix”.

The Dontsova family lived in poverty. Parents moved permanently with their daughter because of political persecution, which during the Stalin dictator’s rule were very common. Because of this, the family was left without a father, and the mother of the future writer was forced to leave Moscow. However, when she was a teenager, Agrippina was happy to know such famous and intelligent people as Korney Chukovsky, Valentina Roy, and even Lilia Brick, lover of Vladimir Mayakovsky.

When little Agrippina was a child, she was lucky enough to travel in Germany from where she returned with classic detective novels. She was reading Chase, Stout, Hayer, and other writers and soon girl was stunned. She wanted to write in the same genre.

That’s why at the age of twenty-two she entered entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism. After graduating, she was sent to the USSR Consulate in Syria. She returned to work as a correspondent, tutor, and teacher of German and French.

When did Dontsova become famous?

The writer Darya Dontsova’s been through an amazing ordeal. In 1997, she got cancer. Darya tried to cure it for about three years. It is known that at first Dontsova did not write for publication and did not show her manuscripts to anyone. However, it was in those years that she showed her novels to a publisher. The novels immediately have had a huge success, and soon Dontsova was cured of cancer.

What are Dontsova’s books about?

The first books marked the beginning of a fascination book series about investigator Dasha Vasilyeva. Dontsova developed other series of books in the following years, but through all her novels she spent her unique humor and uncomplicated plot about how ordinary people unravel complex mysteries.

On the website, Darya Dontsova’s fans will be able to learn more about the life of the popular Russian writer and her literary path, which led this woman to widespread fame. A list of books already published is presented on the site, as well as the history of some series and protagonists.

Dontsova’s fans can also conduct their own activities on the site. In particular, they can read other people’s reviews of their favorite books of Darya or make their own feedbacks, as well as communicate with other admirers of the ironic detective.