Dontsova Daria Arkadyevna became widely known among the Russian-speaking population, first of all, as an author in the genre of an ironic detective story. But not everyone knows that the real name of the writer, who she received at birth on June 7, 1952, is not Daria at all, but Agrippina. Well, the surname Dontsova was left by her after her third marriage. While the maiden name was “Vasilyeva”.

The personality and career of detective novelist Daria Dontsova deserves attention, because today she has been at the head of the Rating of Russian Authors of Literature for Adults for a long time in terms of the volume of books published annually.

Writer Daria Dontsova: the history of formation

Dontsova was born into an intelligent family in Moscow. Her father was a writer and at the same time worked in a special body of state security of the USSR called the OGPU. Mother worked as a director at the Mosconcert. Relatives on my mother’s side were politicians. Her grandfather was one of the associates of “Iron” Felix.

Dontsova’s childhood passed in hardships and frequent travels due to political persecution, which were not uncommon during Stalin’s time. Because of this, the family was left without a father, and the mother of the future writer was forced to leave Moscow with her. But young Agrippina had the opportunity to contact intelligent people of that time, she was friends with Korney Chukovsky, Valentina Roy and even Lilia Brik, the beloved of Vladimir Mayakovsky.

At the age of 12, Agrippina visited the Federal Republic of Germany, from where she returned with classic detective novels. Reading Chase, Stout, Heyer and other writers, the girl was shocked and wanted to write in the same genre.

Therefore, in 1974 Daria Dontsova entered the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. Upon completion, she is arranged at the USSR consulate located in Syria. After returning from there she worked as a correspondent and tutor, teaching German and French.

When did the fame come?

The writer Daria Dontsova became famous under tragic circumstances. In 1997, she was diagnosed with cancer, with which she fought for almost three years. During this period, Dontsova decided to show publishers her novels, which she wrote “on the table”. The first books were overwhelmingly successful, and then the disease receded.

What Daria Dontsova writes about: the first books marked the beginning of a detective series about a private detective Dasha Vasilyeva. Subsequently, there were other series, but they retained the corporate humorous style of the first works, where ordinary people unraveled complex secrets.

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