The legality of the Dontsova books or anime downloading from Animixplay

More recently, many States’ regulatory agencies have become much more vigilant in controlling the distribution of content on the Web. And now, before you download a book, film, or anime, you have to make sure that someone’s rights are not violated or punished. It is unlikely that anyone will track the download of Dontsova’s humorous detectives, but watching movies or […]

Where is It Easier to Download a Free Android App?

When you are seeking interesting mobile apps, Google Play promptly pops up in your mind. Yes, this answer is simple, but as soon as you use it, you face lots of problems. For this reason, many helpful apps cannot reach their audience. If you are not ready to put up with this thing, turn your attention to independent websites where […]

Description of the book “Vacant place of the bird of paradise”

Are there really houses that bring troubles and misfortunes to their owners? Dasha Vasilieva is not superstitious. She boldly crosses the street after the black cat, and does not become horrified on Friday the thirteenth, and, of course, she does not believe in damned mansions either. But, it seems, not far from her cottage, there is a truly unhappy house. […]

Description of the book “Great Guardians”

Mafi became a secret witness to the conversation between Muli’s mother and Polina’s cat. She was surprised by the unusual appearance of Polina, she was dressed strangely. Then the Mafi gets to know something incredible. Mulu was visited by Polina, but she was a guest from the era of the Great Guardians, from the distant past. In those distant years, […]

Description of the book “Ivan the Terrible in the Maldives”

If Ivan Tsarevich gets very tired, then he may well become the Serpent Gorynych. However, detective Ivan Podushkin will not begin to breathe fire, even if a man named Bob Solnechnolaskovich comes to him. The businessman proposes to hold an advertising campaign for the Podushkin-Odeyalkin company. No sooner had the annoying visitor left when her neighbor Irene came to the […]