Description of the book “Giraffe – Penguin Thunderstorm”

“If you dream of having a mountain of gifts, a million congratulations on your birthday, you will have to take care of it yourself, otherwise no one will even remember about it.” This is how her friend Anya explained to Evlampia Romanova when she asked for help with organizing a gift for Murlysi’s mother-in-law. The surprise turned out to be just a sight for sore eyes: a gorgeous puzzle made of chocolate, made in the form of a luxurious castle. Admiring the beauty of the delicious present, the women hurried to put together the puzzle and enjoy tea. Evlampia and Murlyse felt sorry for the delicious food, but Anechka ate her fill and … thundered into the hospital.

Lamp and Max sought advice from Professor Moses Zilberkranz, a renowned expert in the field of toxic substances. He concluded that Anya was poisoned by the poison of the Cone snail, which was added to the chocolate palace. However, his colleague Yuri Derevyankin said that Zilberkrantz was mistaken. And, in fact, such a poison is obtained from a scoffing lizard. The situation is exacerbated when Moses Abramovich suddenly commits suicide. What happened? The ambitious professor couldn’t survive the shame? It looks like something strange is happening behind the walls of the chocolate palace, which entails a series of deaths. Wolfe’s team is determined to find out what exactly, and begins to investigate.

Description of the book “Castle of Evil Thoughts”

Evil thoughts can sometimes flash in your head, like migratory birds. But if you constantly feed them and flirt with them, then they can settle in your mind for many years, making a large nest. Such a mistake was made by a little pug, a resident of the town of Mopshaus. She thought badly about the local cat Filia, and did it more than once.

Evil thoughts are not stones – you will not immediately feel a heavy burden, this led to great misfortune – her friends Mafi and Zefirka, along with other comrades, became hostages in the Castle of evil thoughts. They need to overcome difficult obstacles: a dangerous dungeon and an impassable labyrinth. To get out of the trap, brave dogs have a lot to understand. Even if an evil thought burst into the head in the form of an evil kite, the guardian birds will always come to the rescue: kindness, patience, friendship and mutual assistance. And if you do not drive away these assistants from yourself, then the main guardian of happiness – the eagle of love – will settle in the soul.

Darya Dontsova’s Book List

Darya Dontsova is a very prolific writer, and her bibliography is huge. This is how she stands out among other writers. Darya (the woman’s birth name is Agrippina) makes as many books per month as some literators do not produce in their lifetime.

This writer has repeatedly become a proud holder of the “Writer of the Year” title.

How prolific is this Darya Dontsova writer? What’s the secret to their incredible popularity?

Many readers wonder how many books there are in Darya’s bibliography. The answer is, there are over 200 books. This means that the Darya produces about ten works an every year. Remarkable efficiency and author’s prolificacy. However, all of Darya’s books share several common features, such as:

  • Positivity.
  • Wonderful humor.
  • Twisted stories.

Her books are so exciting that her fans read them in one breath. Some read Darya’s books in their spare time, others on their way to work or during traveling. Dontsova’s most loyal fans give rare editions of her novels to their relatives and friends. And their expectation of new detective books always is too unappealing.

All of Darya Dontsova’s books are divided into series. This makes it easy to navigate so many novels. All novels have unique features. The debut novel of Darya Dontsova is called «Cool Successors». It was released in December 2007. The main character of the novel is Dasha Vasilyeva. The readers quickly fell in love with the heroine. Dontsova has written more than six dozen huge novels about this girl. New part was released in March 2021 and is called «The Vacant Seat of a Paradise Bird».

Five dozen books were published as part of the series «Evlampia Romanova. The Inquiry of the Amateur». The first book was called «Manicure for the Dead», the last one was called «Hrapunzel’s Oracular Dreams».

The «Viola Tarakanova in the World of Criminal Passions» series is famous even more. The first book in the series is called «The Devil of the Snuff Box». In November 2020, the book «The Cutie on the Edge» was published. Fans are looking forward to read its sequel.

The series named «Ivan Podushkin the Investigation Gentleman» starts with «Bouquet of Beautiful Women». In January 2021, the publisher released the novel «Ivan Groznyj in the Maldives».

Fans of the Russian writer also love a series of novels about a charming fat girl Tatiana Sergeyeva. This girl is an investigator who is constantly on a trying to lose weight. Another important character in this book is Stepanida Kozlova, a very lucky woman.

Is it worth reading ironic detectives?

You shouldn’t ignore ironic detective novels. That’s because they make you feel good. No one will be indifferent to reading about the adventures of heroes who investigate crimes and at the same time get into funny situations.

Dontsova’s work is captured readers from the first minute of reading. Each of Darya’s detective novels is easy and fascinating to read thanks to the intrigue they contain. The target audience of the writer is women of different ages and social statuses. Her detectives also like men.

All the protagonists of the novels of Dontsova have resilience, they are self-confident people. As investigators, they’re not afraid to take on the most horrible crimes. And because the writer gives heroes a great sense of humor, you’re going to want to read these books again.

If you want to brighten up a boring evening, read the novel by Darya Dontsova. You probably won’t be able to stop reading because the stories by this writer are fascinating. Darya Dontsova is a resilient person. This trait is transmitted through the novels to her readers. The list of Darya Dontsova’s books is presented below in order. From it, you will be able to select the necessary novels, those you have not yet read.

Daria Dontsova: new books

Darya Dontsova’s fans are the happiest readers in the world because this writer constantly releases new books. In 2021, the publishing house presented several new books simultaneously.

Darya Dontsova’s New Books

«The Vacant Seat of a Paradise Bird» is the very new book by Darya Dontsova, created in the genre of a detective story, saturated with good humor and a portion of healthy optimism.

Another Darya Dontsova’s new book named “Great Guardians” has been added to the “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Valley” cycle. This writer makes not only detective stories, but also stories aimed at children.

«Hrapunzel’s Oracular Dreams» is a novel, that is dedicated to the new investigation initiated by Evlampia Romanova. This book very similar to a real British detective novel. Evlampia’s main task is to find an answer to the question of who committed the murder. And there are so many candidates… Let us remind, that the series «Evlampia Romanova. The investigation Leads the Dilettante» counts five dozen books.

«Ivan Groznyj in the Maldives»  is a fascinating detective story in which the detective story in which Ivan Podushkin investigates a murder in the family of the entrepreneur Wojkov. Readers are eager to learn about how a inestigator will unravel the complex nexus of the businessman’s relatives who hides many of the facts of his life. All of this makes Podushkin’s task much more difficult.

Another Dontsova’s fresh novel is called «Wet Work of Water». The protagonist of the novel is Dasha Vasilyeva. She will be assisted in her investigation by a friend named Degtyarev. This time she was caught with a truly strange crime.

Dontsova’s novels received many positive reviews. Among such works are:

  1. «Cutie at the Turns».
  2. «Swamp’s Azure Coast».
  3. «Giraffe as Penguin’s Intimidator».

Darya Dontsova’s new books are published monthly. Many people can’t stop reading her novels, and there’s a simple explanation for that. The point is, her language is simple, humorous. Dontsova’s ironic detective novels will cheer anyone up.

Daria Dontsova: a list of books about Dasha Vasilyeva

A series of books about Dasha Vasilyeva is written in the genre of an ironic detective story. This is the very first heroine, invented by Daria Dontsova, who quickly won the sympathy of readers. The image of the detective is in many ways similar to the writer herself. The cheerful middle-aged lady has a big friendly family and a bunch of pets. Dasha does not sit still, although she claims that adventures find her themselves.

The very first work dedicated to this heroine was released in December 2007 and it is called “Cool heirs”.

List of books by Daria Dontsova about Dasha Vasilyeva

All books by Daria Dontsova about Dasha Vasilyeva can be ordered in the online store. Let’s list the most popular ones:

  1. “Cool heirs”.
  2. “My husband’s wife.”
  3. “Ghost in Sneakers”.
  4. “Brakes for the Prodigal Husband.”
  5. “Another Life of a Werewolf.”

The very first book in the “Cool Heirs” series introduces Dasha’s biography. The heroine, who works as a French teacher at a university, goes to Paris to her best friend, it is there that her detective abilities are first manifested.

“My Husband’s Wife” is a story about how Dasha helped her ex-husband Maxim Polyansky to regain his good name when he was charged with a terrible crime. Dasha almost paid with her life for the help provided, but managed to extricate herself from the trouble.

In the story “Ghost in Sneakers”, the heroine managed to find the corpse of her namesake in a bookstore. Because of the hurricane that destroyed her country cottage, Vasilyeva had to spend the night on the territory of the outlet, where a ghost walks, dressed in a long shirt and sneakers.

In “Brakes for the Prodigal Husband,” the lady again got involved in the investigation. She agreed to participate in the filming of one of the health television programs. The heroine of this show suddenly disappears, and Dasha starts looking for her.

In the book “Another Life of a Werewolf” Dasha finds herself in another specific situation. She was invited to the procedure for the announcement of the will, written by the famous doctor Shkodin. The woman is sure that she did not intersect with him before, although the will says that she and several other people had previously done him a good deed. For this, he invites them to choose a gift.

Other works can be safely added to this list: “The White Horse on the Prince”, “The Mistress of Egyptian Music”, “Apollo in a Million”, “Uncle Freud’s Dream”, “Yearly Pass to the Other World”, “A Tsarevich with a Bad CV”, “Blue-blooded leech”.

Read the books by Daria Dontsova about Dasha Vasilieva, published in millions of copies – exciting leisure is guaranteed.