Daria Dontsova: new books

Darya Dontsova’s fans are the happiest readers in the world because this writer constantly releases new books. In 2021, the publishing house presented several new books simultaneously.

Darya Dontsova’s New Books

«The Vacant Seat of a Paradise Bird» is the very new book by Darya Dontsova, created in the genre of a detective story, saturated with good humor and a portion of healthy optimism.

Another Darya Dontsova’s new book named “Great Guardians” has been added to the “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Valley” cycle. This writer makes not only detective stories, but also stories aimed at children.

«Hrapunzel’s Oracular Dreams» is a novel, that is dedicated to the new investigation initiated by Evlampia Romanova. This book very similar to a real British detective novel. Evlampia’s main task is to find an answer to the question of who committed the murder. And there are so many candidates… Let us remind, that the series «Evlampia Romanova. The investigation Leads the Dilettante» counts five dozen books.

Darya Dontsova

«Ivan Groznyj in the Maldives»  is a fascinating detective story in which the detective story in which Ivan Podushkin investigates a murder in the family of the entrepreneur Wojkov. Readers are eager to learn about how a inestigator will unravel the complex nexus of the businessman’s relatives who hides many of the facts of his life. All of this makes Podushkin’s task much more difficult.

Another Dontsova’s fresh novel is called «Wet Work of Water». The protagonist of the novel is Dasha Vasilyeva. She will be assisted in her investigation by a friend named Degtyarev. This time she was caught with a truly strange crime.

Dontsova’s novels received many positive reviews. Among such works are:

  1. «Cutie at the Turns».
  2. «Swamp’s Azure Coast».
  3. «Giraffe as Penguin’s Intimidator».

Darya Dontsova’s new books are published monthly. Many people can’t stop reading her novels, and there’s a simple explanation for that. The point is, her language is simple, humorous. Dontsova’s ironic detective novels will cheer anyone up.