Daria Dontsova: new books

Daria Dontsova regularly pleases readers with new products. Her loyal fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the next detective story. In 2021, the publishing house presented several new books at once.

New novels by Daria Dontsova

“The Vacant Place of a Bird of Paradise” is the last book by Daria Dontsova, created in the genre of a detective story, saturated with subtle humor and a portion of healthy optimism.

Another new book by Daria Dontsova, “Great Guardians”, has been added to the cycle “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Valley”. The writer produces not only detective stories, but also stories aimed at children.

The book “Khrapunzel’s Prophetic Dreams” is dedicated to a new investigation launched by Evlampia Romanova, which, as in a true British detective story, turned into a criminal offense. Eulampia will have to find out which of the many suspects committed the murder. This is the 50th book from the series “Evlampia Romana. The investigation is being conducted by an amateur. ”

“Ivan the Terrible in the Maldives” is a fascinating detective story in which detective Ivan Podushkin investigates a crime in the family of businessman Voikov. The detective will have to figure out the intricacies of relationships in the family of a businessman who hides many facts of his life. All this significantly complicates the task of Podushkin.

A little earlier, a work with the original title “Wet Deed of Water” was published. The main character Dasha Vasilyeva, having enlisted the support of her faithful friend Colonel Degtyarev, uncovers a strange case with a lot of oddities.

Many positive reviews were collected by the works:

  1. “Cutie on the bend.”
  2. “Cote d’Azur swamp”.
  3. “Giraffe – Penguin Thunderstorm”.

Daria Dontsova publishes new books almost every month. Many are read by her works and this is easily explained. She writes in simple language, each of her works has humor. Dontsova’s ironic detectives cheer everyone up.