Description of the book “The Prophetic Dreams of Khrapunzel”

Evlampiya Romanova always thought that a set of twelve cutlery is enough for people. However, when the girl Kisa began to study at the Institute of Good Manners of Young Princesses, it turned out that the woman was mistaken. Now Lamp has to buy egg trays, cake gabels and a host of other things she has never heard of before. […]

Description of the book “Wet matter of water”

Daria Vasilyeva and Colonel Degtyarev were invited to the anniversary of Fyodor Mukhin. Celebrated in a big way. Guests were offered gourmet food, booze flowed like a river. The hero of the day is a wealthy person. The man is not greedy. It is easy to part with money. Fedor is a wonderful person. He treats his sister-in-law Elena well. […]

Description of the book “Cutie on the bend”

The family finds happiness and harmony when cockroaches in the head of a spouse and spouses begin to be friends. It was these words that Viola Tarakanova heard from her former classmate Irina. The friends have not met for many years, but now Irina needs help. Fork is unable to refuse her, while learning the terrible news – their common […]

Description of the book “Blue Blood Leech”

What to do when a neighbor runs into your house, is hysterical and cries crocodile tears? And to top it all off, she falls asleep in the guest room … Dasha Vasilyeva at first thinks that her neighbor, Kirill Gabuzov, is ill, but his wife Vera refutes the guess. The panic was caused by a completely different reason: their child, […]

Description of the book “Cote d’Azur swamp”

It is amazing incidents that most often happen in a simple, uncomplicated way. Veronika Olegovna Kameneva appeared in the office of the special team and said that her husband, a well-known entrepreneur, had recently died. A heart attack was the cause of Nikolai’s death. It is unclear for what reason, who had been feeling well in the morning, a man […]