Navigating the shisha charcoal market


This article displays the rating of hookah charcoal regarding the analysis of characteristics, demand, price, and filling of the market.

Let us study the top companies of coconut charcoal manufacturers:


Deservedly takes BigMaks. This brand has firmly established itself in the market over the past few years. It consistently delivers good quality charcoal to stores and choreku, rarely worse than average. The price of this manufacturer is also always kept at an average level; thus, the combination of these factors makes this coal worthy to take the first line of the rating. In addition, the company produces hookahs and bowls.


CocoLoco coconut charcoal briquettes factory is on the second line, but not by chance. Due to its impeccable quality, almost every pack is excellent or at least good, but because it is far from democratic prices, almost all stores occupy the top price positions. Recently, there have been many competitors on the market in this regard, and the position of this brand has sagged quite a bit as people began to choose the average between quality and price.

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Factory

Coconut charcoal briquettes factory. The manufacturer and wholesale bulk supplier of coconut shell charcoal briquettes for shisha & hookah in Indonesia. Company which not only supplies the market with coal at a good price and relatively good quality. One of the strong advantages of this coal brand (at least in my region) is the uninterrupted supply, which continued even in quarantine when there were difficulties with coal supply to the Russian market.


This place is given to one of the oldest coal brands, Oasis, which has been a leader in quality and price for a long time. At this point, it’s not a bad quality coal priced just above the middle of the market. The plus side of this brand is its proven consistently good quality.


Crown coal closes the top five. This brand is distinguished in the market among all other brands by its innovative ideas and quite frequent novelties. The quality does not differ much from the previous brand. It is also average in quality and price. This brand is on the line below because its supply is unstable, and very often (at least in our region), this coal may not be available for months.


It is given sixth place to CoCoTurbo, which is not inferior to the ratings’ favorites. Unfortunately, this brand has not taken root in our region and appears at most once or twice a year. There are rumors that this company produces Dark Side coal in its packages.



The seventh place is taken by Walnut and Hazelnut shell charcoal under the SmokyJoy brand. Due to the ratio of excellent price and quite good quality, it deserves a place in the rating. It differs from coconut brethren in relatively fast ignition, rather slow smoldering, and a fairly large and uniform heat output throughout the time.

The only rather large disadvantage that does not allow you to put it not only in the leaders but also in the TOP 5 is a large amount of marred white ash, which is critical for establishments. Nevertheless, it does not interfere with using this coal at home or in conditions where the excessive amount of ash does not affect comfort.


The next in the rating is coal under the brand BauBau. It sometimes hits the shelves. The quality is usually not above average, with a price segment like most. For this price, there is almost always a better alternative.

CoCo Django

Coal is under, but Crom 9 is CoCo Django. It is practically absent on the shelves of the region except for Auchan stores. There are some good batches of coal but some very bad batches (in such situations, likely, the storage conditions were not respected).


Last in the ranking is a legendary brand called Cocobrico; it has been on the market for more than ten years and is sold in every second tobacco shop. At one time, it was the only coconut and, therefore, the best charcoal on the market.

This rating is based on years of use, reviews, and monitoring of neighboring regions. It contains generalized information that does not affect individual batches’ quality or individual stores’ pricing.