Description of the “Apollo in a Million”

A wedding is an exciting event for any woman, especially if it is not the first time for her. Dasha Vasilyeva applies to the wedding agency “Strela Amura” to discuss the menu at the ceremony. Seeing the customer’s fiancé, Colonel Degtyarev, the head of the company almost loses consciousness. The fact is that he led the investigation into the murder of her daughter and ex-husband, as well as the disappearance of one million dollars. The perpetrators were never found.

That is why Daria Vasilyeva begins to conduct searches on her own. Plunged into the events of the past years, she repeats the main phrases of the past tragic incident like a mantra — 1994, the army, the swan. With the year everything is clear — it was in the ninety-fourth that a certain important event occurred. But the army and the bird do not fit together in any way. And how are the robberies of the exchange offices with the death of the cashiers connected with the respectable Yermakov couple? And one more interesting question — how did the million dollars disappear?