Description of the book “Cote d’Azur swamp”

It is amazing incidents that most often happen in a simple, uncomplicated way. Veronika Olegovna Kameneva appeared in the office of the special team and said that her husband, a well-known entrepreneur, had recently died. A heart attack was the cause of Nikolai’s death. It is unclear for what reason, who had been feeling well in the morning, a man in full bloom, died in bed. Subsequently, the youngest heir to Nikolai – Maxim, moved to his father’s wing. There he worked.

Quite often, Maxim stayed up late into the night and stayed to rest in the deceased’s apartment. He was also found there. Deceased. A familiar widow, fortune teller and psychic, declares that the death of Nicholas, as well as his offspring, was organized by supernatural forces, and directly by the energetic essence of Aypetri. However, Tatyana Sergeeva denies the existence of otherworldly, astral blows and witchcraft. She is firmly convinced: someone has committed the murder of the Kamenevs, it is only necessary to find out who did it. However, the truth will turn out to be so unimaginable that Tatiana, accustomed to unusual situations, will be amazed when she guesses where the azure coast of the swamp is.