Description of the book “Vacant place of the bird of paradise”

Are there really houses that bring troubles and misfortunes to their owners? Dasha Vasilieva is not superstitious. She boldly crosses the street after the black cat, and does not become horrified on Friday the thirteenth, and, of course, she does not believe in damned mansions either.

But, it seems, not far from her cottage, there is a truly unhappy house. Not only are the owners constantly changing in it, this is always preceded by tragic events. So the new mistress of the ill-fated estate near Moscow, Karina Burkina, everything went awry – the youngest son Valera disappeared. And when, Karina’s mother-in-law, Svetlana Alekseevna, with a plea for help, resorts to Dasha, Vasilyeva agrees to help the Burkin family. Soon, to Dasha’s surprise, unexpected details are revealed. It turns out that Colonel Degtyarev is already familiar with this family.

Once Svetlana Alekseevna turned to Degtyarev with an unusual request: she needed to change the surname of her daughter-in-law in the documents, and her grandson Kirill also had a patronymic! Daria is sure that these facts are related to Valery’s disappearance. Now, unraveling the tangled tangle of events, she understands how true the proverb is: little children – little trouble, children grew up – grew up and trouble.

Description of the book “Great Guardians”

Mafi became a secret witness to the conversation between Muli’s mother and Polina’s cat. She was surprised by the unusual appearance of Polina, she was dressed strangely. Then the Mafi gets to know something incredible. Mulu was visited by Polina, but she was a guest from the era of the Great Guardians, from the distant past. In those distant years, the evil werewolf decided to end the Beautiful Valley. The state saved Mulya, at that time she was a defenseless puppy, but she was able to conclude evil in the mountains. Nevertheless, after several centuries, the werewolf was freed from his captivity. How did he do it?

Little Mulya made the mistake of casting her locking spell. And now Mafi, together with Zefirka, Josie and others, need to be redirected to ancient times, find out what mistake Mulya made, and re-read the spell. The inhabitants of Mopshaus are forced to admit that not all the cats they meet should be helped, and if the sister was able to respond with betrayal once, then she does not belong to the traitors, and the one who guards the captive in captivity can suddenly turn into his best companion.

Description of the book “Ivan the Terrible in the Maldives”

If Ivan Tsarevich gets very tired, then he may well become the Serpent Gorynych. However, detective Ivan Podushkin will not begin to breathe fire, even if a man named Bob Solnechnolaskovich comes to him. The businessman proposes to hold an advertising campaign for the Podushkin-Odeyalkin company. No sooner had the annoying visitor left when her neighbor Irene came to the detective with a request to talk to Katya Voikova, the daughter of her acquaintances, who had recently lost her father. His death was not suspicious, but Voikova thinks that the businessman was killed.

The woman asked a private detective to take over this case in order to calm the girl down. The detective could not answer with a refusal. He promised his distraught daughter to find her father’s killers. During the investigation, it turned out that Katya’s suspicions were not groundless. Immediately after the end of this case, Bob Solntselaskovich again came to Ivan and ruined all conclusions.

Description of the book “The Prophetic Dreams of Khrapunzel”

Evlampiya Romanova always thought that a set of twelve cutlery is enough for people. However, when the girl Kisa began to study at the Institute of Good Manners of Young Princesses, it turned out that the woman was mistaken. Now Lamp has to buy egg trays, cake gabels and a host of other things she has never heard of before. At work, she also has a difficult situation. Jane Kabanova came to Max’s agency. The woman said that she had no money to pay for the investigation. Kabanova can barely live on the meager pension she receives. A tired face and old clothes confirmed the words of the visitor.

The client told that twenty years ago she lost her son Serezha, and recently the pensioner saw on TV businessman Sergei Reshetkin, who was talking to journalists. She realized that this was her son by the missing little finger on Sergei’s left hand. The woman turned to detectives to help her find Reshetnikov and prove that the man was her son. The detectives agree to help the visitor for free, but they do not even suspect that in fact the client is a very rich woman. She is the owner of a country mansion and several apartments in the capital of Russia. This is just the beginning. Evlampia never gives up and is not surprised, even when she sees the ad “The elevator is off while the stairs are being repaired.”

Description of the book “Wet matter of water”

Daria Vasilyeva and Colonel Degtyarev were invited to the anniversary of Fyodor Mukhin. Celebrated in a big way. Guests were offered gourmet food, booze flowed like a river. The hero of the day is a wealthy person. The man is not greedy. It is easy to part with money. Fedor is a wonderful person. He treats his sister-in-law Elena well. Mukhin adores Nina, the daughter of his wife’s sister from an unsuccessful marriage. The businessman does not regret anything either for his niece or for his daughter Katya. They are a wealthy family.

During the party, Svetlana, Fyodor’s wife, becomes unwell. She feels so bad that she is taken to the hospital. There, doctors find out that Svetlana was poisoned. This was done by one of their own. Mukhin does not want to contact the police. He asks for help from Degtyarev, who is the owner of a detective agency. Of course, Vasilieva will investigate with her friend. To do this, she will have to become an electrician!