Description of the book “Wet matter of water”

Daria Vasilyeva and Colonel Degtyarev were invited to the anniversary of Fyodor Mukhin. Celebrated in a big way. Guests were offered gourmet food, booze flowed like a river. The hero of the day is a wealthy person. The man is not greedy. It is easy to part with money. Fedor is a wonderful person. He treats his sister-in-law Elena well. Mukhin adores Nina, the daughter of his wife’s sister from an unsuccessful marriage. The businessman does not regret anything either for his niece or for his daughter Katya. They are a wealthy family.

During the party, Svetlana, Fyodor’s wife, becomes unwell. She feels so bad that she is taken to the hospital. There, doctors find out that Svetlana was poisoned. This was done by one of their own. Mukhin does not want to contact the police. He asks for help from Degtyarev, who is the owner of a detective agency. Of course, Vasilieva will investigate with her friend. To do this, she will have to become an electrician!