Description of the book “Snake Gadget”

Dasha Vasilieva has an undeniable talent – she meets troubles in any place where she was lucky enough to visit. For example, a forgotten bunch of keys on a nearby table in a cafe becomes a dangerous find. Dasha found out that the girls in a hurry forgot the keys, who ran away without paying for lunch, and asked her son-in-law to post a note about the find with her phone number on social networks. Then strange things began in the woman’s life!

Suspicious offers began to come from strangers in exchange for finding her. One of the callers introduced himself as a relative of the girl and offered to meet at a local shopping center. The meeting ended not in the best way – the “relative” wanted to steal Dasha’s bag, but received fierce resistance in the form of loud cries for help and unwillingness to part with the new accessory. Most surprising of all, this robber, who escaped from the scene of the crime, becomes an important client of the detective agency owned by Alexander Mikhailovich. Now Dasha and Colonel Degtyarev will have to use all their skills to unravel the main secret of a difficult client.