Description of the book “Stepmother in Crystal Galoshes”

Stepanida Kozlova is again at the center of events. In life, she has more and more surprises. No, she didn’t find a new job. She also works as a make-up artist at Bak. It is her craft that brings her food, and she loves to do it. Now she is working in one project, making up the Monakhov family, who are filming a biographical television movie. There is something unusual in this married couple, but what exactly is Antonina and Kirill with intriguing the viewer? A tragedy happened to Kirill not so long ago, he was seriously injured. He was treated by an Altai shaman. It was he who called Kirill now to help all people and ordered to build the House of Soul. All family members are now trying to help Kirill and support him in these endeavors. Cyril himself is trying to deny himself everything. But the children are of a completely different kind. They are unhappy that they had to move from a luxurious mansion to an apartment. They do not like this idea at all, but they have nowhere to go.

Work on the film is in full swing …. And suddenly something unexpected happens. In the house of the Monakhovs, namely in the basement closet, there are decorations. Yes, exactly the same jewelry that the killer maniac removed from his victims. What will happen now? Did the Monks have anything to do with these murders?