Description of the book “Vacant place of the bird of paradise”

Are there really houses that bring troubles and misfortunes to their owners? Dasha Vasilieva is not superstitious. She boldly crosses the street after the black cat, and does not become horrified on Friday the thirteenth, and, of course, she does not believe in damned mansions either.

But, it seems, not far from her cottage, there is a truly unhappy house. Not only are the owners constantly changing in it, this is always preceded by tragic events. So the new mistress of the ill-fated estate near Moscow, Karina Burkina, everything went awry – the youngest son Valera disappeared. And when, Karina’s mother-in-law, Svetlana Alekseevna, with a plea for help, resorts to Dasha, Vasilyeva agrees to help the Burkin family. Soon, to Dasha’s surprise, unexpected details are revealed. It turns out that Colonel Degtyarev is already familiar with this family.

Once Svetlana Alekseevna turned to Degtyarev with an unusual request: she needed to change the surname of her daughter-in-law in the documents, and her grandson Kirill also had a patronymic! Daria is sure that these facts are related to Valery’s disappearance. Now, unraveling the tangled tangle of events, she understands how true the proverb is: little children – little trouble, children grew up – grew up and trouble.