Where is It Easier to Download a Free Android App?

When you are seeking interesting mobile apps, Google Play promptly pops up in your mind. Yes, this answer is simple, but as soon as you use it, you face lots of problems. For this reason, many helpful apps cannot reach their audience.

If you are not ready to put up with this thing, turn your attention to independent websites where you can download free Android applications with no sweat.

Why Independent Stores are Better than Google Play?

If you see Google Play close, you’ll notice that it compares poorly with independent websites. Here are some factors that prove this idea:

More Accurate Category Selection

There are few categories in Google Play. That is why lots of apps are lumped together while they could be logically structured on different subcategories. For example, if we open a “Business” category, a user sees programs that correlate differently to the section. You need to pick over dozens of applications on the lookout for a suitable one. It would be better and easier to weed out waste soft early on.

On special websites, there are programs connected with finances that are additionally divided into “Business”, “Finance”, “Cryptocurrency”, “Investment”, etc. In means that users immediately choose a section that fits their needs. It gets rid of the necessity to look over and peel apart irrelevant programs.

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Larger Choice of Apps

Google is a popular and public company that holds sway over society. It is always in the cross-hairs. Every action it makes is closely analyzed and criticized. Thus, the company has to make an in-depth check of all apps that try to submit to Google Play. Otherwise, there is a great chance that it can lead to a sue.

The problem is that such a severe policy prevents useful apps to be published on Google Play. Independent websites have no such problems. They have a wide range of soft and users are free to choose what apps are suitable and what are not.

These two facts in support of third-party app stores are both obvious and important. Actually, there are way more advantages, especially if we compare tiny but key peculiarities while choosing mobile programs.