Description of the book “Date under the mantle”

What adventure did the main character Dasha Vasilieva get into this time?

She needed knowledge of psychology to participate in a dubious experiment instead of her daughter’s friend Tasi.

Dasha and student Ksyusha Koroleva must, according to the terms of the assignment, spend a whole week together in the girl’s small apartment, but not themselves, but with her entire dysfunctional family: a drunken father, mother and younger sister. This is necessary in order to observe how people of different social status behave together, such as the rich and the poor, the elite and the homeless, i.e. with a radically opposite status.

Ksyusha and Dasha Vasilyeva should not be separated so as not to violate the conditions of the experiment, therefore, in the Pavlov nightclub, and later, in the Monpalas residential complex, they end up together. It is there that this couple finds themselves drawn into a terrifying whirlpool of events: corpses, dangers, hypnosis, blackmail. It turns out to be not at all easy to deal with all this: Dasha and Ksyusha have to unite and try very hard. It’s good that Xenia has a loyal admirer and friend Vic, who gladly comes to their aid.