Biography of the writer Daria Dontsova

The real name of Daria Dontsova, the legislator of the “ironic detective” genre in Russian literature, is Agrippina. She received such an unusual name in honor of her grandmother. Daria Dontsova: biography and personal life of the writer Looking at the photo of this fragile, smiling woman, one involuntarily asks the question: “How old is Daria Dontsova?” -, and the answer […]

The best books by Daria Dontsova

Dontsova’s books are read by people of different ages. For 20 years she managed to release more than 200 works. The writer knows how to create intrigue, the plots of her books turn out to be very twisted. Reading grabs from the first pages. It is often impossible to predict how the story will end and who will be the […]